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Book One

Carmichael's Moon





The Trilogy






The original copy of this book was found upon a plateau in the New Mexico desert after the reported sighting of an Unidentified Flying Object, on November 15 1990.

That edition was printed on a white cloth like paper with blue-black ink.

After scientific scrutiny the material of its composition was determined to be of extra-terrestrial origins.

The first copy disappeared from a bank vault two years later.

The publisher has presented the contents exactly as it appeared on the first, found manuscript.

The publisher found the details of the book interesting and the story line sound enough to release it for the general readership.

The reader must decide for himself if it is a warning or an unalterable prophecy.

We hope you enjoy it.







Book One

Carmichael's Moon




Book One

Carmichael's Moon


Chapter 1


It was November 5th 2024 and newly elected President of the United States, Alexander Carmichael, (a strong man before his middle years, about five feet eight inches tall, neat, clean, dark haired with a cherubic, clean shaven, face, dressed, by his wife, in a black tuxedo), after a long and arduous election campaign, is paraded through the streets of Manhattan.

During the election the President and his staff stayed at the Plaza Hotel.

Now Carmichael rode in the back of an open top limousine standing, waving to the crowds that lined Fifth Ave. in the traditional victory parade.

Streams of ticker tapes and confetti fell from the high windows over looking the parade route. Many citizens hung from the windows frames throwing confetti and cheering the newly elected President, congratulating him on his election and wishing him well wishes and good luck in his new office.

Alexander Carmichael's smile spread from ear to ear as he gazed about him that afternoon.

In the sky, wisps of clouds obscured very little of the brightly blue sky above, seen through the spaces between the towering skyscrapers that reached untold stories high into the heavens.

There was great mirth and merry making that day. A favorite son had ascended into the political heavens to take his place as leader of the great nation.

When the last solar embers of this memorable day in U.S. history were extinguished by the suns descending into the great Pacific, countless hoarse and tired celebrators, in New York, sunk into their pillows for a welcome night’s rest.

In a V.I.P. suite, at the Plaza Hotel, in midtown Manhattan, Carmichael stretched out upon a couch. The great cubist couch, off white, deep and billowy was exceptionally comfortable.

A long black table of polished ebony stood before the couch. The table was empty but for an elongated juice tumbler, also of black ebony with inlays of gold wire that sketched out an African design of neo-modern construction, with a base of ivory that sported two carved elephants a gift from an old friend.

So began the epoch of the Carmichael dynasty.

Well the United States was going to be 250 years old next year.

The major political issue was the nations division; one side believed the entire corporate interest of the nation is confiscated each year by the government, since it was a form of Usury.

The church fathers were hard pressed to support the other side. The Bible had defined the natural wealth of the nation to be divided equivalently among the children.

Some took that to mean that some got more than others, while the major adherents, 'old ones', as they were called felt that meant equal shares.

In fact some of the, ‘old ones’, favored confiscation of the entire capital wealth and measuring it out in equal value bond shares to each citizen. That was in order to maintain democratic national control of company policies. It would prevent foreign interest that acquired controlling interests of companies, from making decisions that could be unfavorable to the nation’s voters.

They also feared a thousand-year-old life extended citizen or extraterrestrial, or two or three, might one-day control the entire worlds economy otherwise.

Some favored instituting a world corporate interest bank with the equal share theory applied to the entire earth’s population.

It was over twenty five years ago that the depth of affluence residing in the capital interest had become a popular realization and eventually a graduated tax was levied against this particular resource in order to finance a subsidy for all the citizens. That subsidization of the people was elemental in funding compulsory calamity insurance, presided over by the ONE insurance company a conglomerate of all the insurance companies when the ONE merger amendment was passed, like compulsory car insurance had been in the years previous.

The average citizen felt the same compulsion to insure him or herself against the potential for loss on every level. It was evident that they wanted to live out their lives with less fear of the world around them.

Carmichael was a conservative. His attitude favored the already established system of taxation and distribution. "Any fool could see it was already sufficient." was his favorite remark upon the subject.

The strangest part perhaps, of the political conflict was that it was between two technically conservative elements.

It had been many years since communism or socialism had anything to offer but potential chaos. In fact the conservative revival offered somewhat more security to the human element.

The new conservatives retained in principle the elemental previous government initiatives in securing social security for the population. Your average new conservative, in a strangely logical way, had not been philosophically entirely drawn into ancient or medieval Bible economics, but though they didn’t agree with it they did recognized the concept of a certain immorality, as it applied to capital interest, in as it was not perhaps sweated as much for. It was for that reason they were brought around to supporting the ONE compulsory insurance company initiative, financed by the elevated graduated tax on gains from land or capital value increases or interest derived from capital holdings or loans. The first twenty thousand dollars obtain that way regardless of what your other income was would be tax free. After the first $20,000 that special taxing formula would rise at a higher gradient than what the worked for income rose.

This tax financed the ONE insurance system. The whole operation proved more efficient in the end and saved the taxpayers considerably so that second tax gradient was made equal to that of the worked for income.

In the consumer world, it was the age of the talking machine. Any appliance you bought carried on a conversation with you, usually related to its operation. Computer brains operated just about everything. It was a user-friendly world.

The new Space Cadet program was the pride of the nation. The new President himself had been in the third year corps and a pilot, captain, during his years of active duty. He'd flown rings around the planet before he was thirty.

Many of the new middle classes formed the new Star Guard. Most of the nation families could boast of someone related, who served the nation in the outer space corps.

Carmichael was a conservative with a strong desire not to betray the old guard. Evidently with the black vote and the conservative tide he carried the election. His speeches of upholding the family, making the cities, towns and countryside's safe, to build a God faring nation, inspired enough of the vote, to carry the nation.

He was a God faring man.

He would have a God faring country.


-End of Chapter One-

Chapter one of the first book of the Trilogy as an ongoing project of B. Toad, to get onto the hard drive, from sprawled writings, started in 1978 as an writing exercise, in Sci-Fi. It was almost completed before & during his travels, in the years that followed. It was at the time the work began when the Toad envisioned the original Pocket (Desktop) PC and notebook designs. Those designs he sent to the US Patent Office as instructed. Then he sent many to AT&T some time before Time Trax, the TV show, came out, with the AT&T credit card PC. Apple got copies of the designs some time, after AT&T had not replied to his designs and letters. Bill gates I understand was there when B. Toad's drawings, (some displayed if a bit poorly for lack of space at one of the Association pages documents sections), arrived at Apple. Preliminary attempts to Patent the design were snagged by the fee costs he could not raise.

Click here to see the notarized B. Toad 1979 designs

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