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The Religion of the Master

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-B. Toad, 1978


The Holy Books

The Religion of the Master

There is what knows.

There is what is known.

The knower grows more mature.

Within the self reside many aspects.

Each aspect retains it's own identity.

There are sympathies between the aspects within the self and aspects outside the self.

The continued sympathies exercise the mind and/or advance the tone of life.

The coin or force we exchange is dictated by our desire to maintain or advance tone.

Often the desire of the selves other then our own self dictates the form of exchange.

Hopefully exchange is the mutual desire.


Ego, war, activity, economics and competition.

Activities are relevant to the functioning of the ego in maintaining or advancing the tonal desires of the self.

Through activity and economics we mature.

Body is the essential recognition of self. It is physical.

The body is segmented and whole.

Each segment retains it's own identity and somehow more or less relates to the whole.

Each unit requires it's own economics.

The condition of the corporal nature of the self must be set, retained, coordinated, adjusted, set again and so on by the corporal actions of the unit as a whole.

-B. Toad, 1978


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God gave us the freedom of choice. We can always go the right way or else.
Master B Toad