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Here are some subjects of interest to us.
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I would like to state something I believe to be fact, concerning the nature of crime.

A person who threatened the health and safety of the entire world would be less of a criminal then one who actually harms an innocent human being.

I’m not including any damage to human life that comes directly from the first criminal’s threats to others, as to his crime, at this point.

Any actual unsolicited harm to life is criminal that is not adequately compensated for.

It is not a strength, of character, to fancy harm to life, but to actually infringe uninvited upon another’s life liberty or possessions, without adequately compensating for such, is the actual definition of a crime.

This fact is law under the theories of John Locke and article 29 of the UN Declaration of Human Rights, passed as legislation by all the nations of the United Nations Organization.

Theoretically any laws passed in any UN nation must conform to this definition to be legal.

Under the laws of all the United Nations member countries a policeman or soldier should not have to obey any order from a superior that doesn’t conform to this definition of legal.

Is there any doubt about this assumption I have made here?

1b-In the process of passing to the next issue let me say;

There has been some application of the U.S. legislature to draft a law governing the people as to desecration of the flag.

Here are my drafts for the legislation.

It shall be considered a crime of one to five years punishment to desecrate the U. S Flag in the following manners.

When it belongs to another person besides oneself it shall be illegal, a criminal act deserving one to five years imprisonment, (in addition to any other charges at the time of the act), to destroy or cause damage to the other person’s U.S. Flag with the value set beyond the cost of material to a criminal act deserving one to five years imprisonment.

It shall be illegal, a criminal act deserving one to five years imprisonment, (in addition to other charges), for a person or persons to drape a victim they personally have themselves murdered in an American flag either before or after that murder.

It shall be illegal a criminal act deserving one to five years imprisonment, (in addition to other charges), to display the American flag as part of ones identification while committing deliberate injury to anyone except to an appropriate degree when used in defense of the public welfare.


There is a discussion in the New Testament about sex where they say the only sex one should have is the kind of sex that is for having children.

Interestingly a recent scientific study has found an indication of human nature that may have motivated that recommendation.

Here is an article of interest about the U.S. President Bush
I found it when it was sent out to persons in my High School Alumni Class by one of the guys

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