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Visindle Book 1 Chapter 6
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Chapter 6

Lenore and A. B.

They sat down, in the cushioned armchairs. They had gone to this, four screen, movie house because it was the only place to go, when staying at the Brokner Arms Hotel. At least that was the message that had been conveyed to Lenore by Windle Wimple, the hotel concierge.

The Bluestone, four screens, Restaurant and Club, this month, was featuring a live band and alternating movie selections.

The assembled audience, fondly referred to as the house, grew quiet as the lights dimmed. The band started playing music that was reminiscent of the old movie 2001. A movie that was as distant from the truth as night was from day, when 2001 actually did come around, but was still a classic movie in every sense.

The screen filled with a red eggshell montage. Some of the audience grew amused by the combination of effects. Waiters scurried from table to table with entrees, desserts, drinks and special menu items.

After the feasting audience absorbed the uniqueness of the experience another film was begun on another screen. This was what appeared to be, an early twentieth century, military, training film.

When the waiter arrived at other tables but didn't attend A. B. and Lenore, the band and a light show had started the second number. The third screen burst into red, orange and green alternating bursting and shrinking balls of light. Some of the audience got up to dance.

“Lenore, how did you hear about this place?” A. B. asked.

"Some one at the Hotel told me they had an excellent bar tender."

"You think it will be necessary to get up and walk over to the counter?"

"Here comes the waiter Abe. Order me a, Coco Loco.

The waiter, was clean- and of medium height. He wore black pants, a white shirt, a black apron and a red bandanna around his head to keep food free of falling hairs.

"One Coco Loco and a double scotch, with a glass of ice water please."

The waiter took the order and left.

“A. B., why must you drink, whisky, like that?”

"Thank you, Lenore."

A. B. had grown used to the chair already.

"You know, this group is good!" He commented lifting his eyebrow and gesturing in the general direction with his right hand.

While they had been sitting there some young girls from the other tables had begun staring in Abe's direction.

-End of Chapter 6-





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