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Visindle Book 1 Chapter 9

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Chapter 9-The Moon

Planet fall on the Moon, more properly designated Moon fall, was unlike planet fall on the Earth. Unfortunately it maintained a similarity.

Abe always thought of what he’d eaten before planet fall and it happened Moon fall also had this effect, as his stomach turned, with the awareness of gravity.

Lenore had fallen asleep and slept through the early orbit sequence of the landing. She awoke with the quiet commotion that accompanied gravity returning to the spacecraft’s cabin.

She had fallen into sleep reading one of the B. Toad Holy book chapters. They had that effect upon her sometimes.

Landing on the Moon was one of the most exciting things Lenore remembered in her life.

“Abe I’ll never get over this trip.” She whispered in her husband’s ear.

They were suspended in their seat netting as they’d been for the most of the duration of the space trip.

Jim Rayne had been advised that three close relatives of nuclear scientists sat in the front. The rest of the flight was made up of assorted personages from reputable firms. They all came with well-respected objectives for their trip. Some were entrepreneurs inspecting prospective investments. Some were biologists or other scientists, such as mineralogists. Many had important ties with major contracting firms. Rayne had been instructed if it didn’t interfere with his primary objective, to show some concern for these persons safety on the Moon too.

A few of the Moon voyagers were chosen by non-profit organizations to represent and record the trip. There was even some contest winners.

Bill was one those.

Bill knew he was the person who designed much of the software used in the personal computer.

He also knew he never made a dime on it.

It didn’t bother him.

He was surprised though when the Information Technologies Association awarded him the trip to the Moon for being the most talented in his field while having the least pecuniary incentive of all the software writers, whose work was popular among computer operators and/or owners.

He hardly thought that day, when he toured the Space Port and recorded the images in his digital photo bank of space ships that one day he, in his financial situation, would be landing, like he was, on the Moon on this day.

That is if the word day was even applicable any more.

It was considered a nice gesture to populate the moon for the Presidents proposed visit and the moon flight was rather full for a change.

Lenore had over heard this very fact. The steward mentioned it to a stewardess at the door, as they came into the cabin. She had informed Abe as the trip progressed.



The Moon Base was intriguing. It had the atmosphere of the Wild West in the USA back when people rode around on horses.

While the Moon Base had most advanced technologies, communications and comforts, the moon-miners were a rugged lot.

Their discoveries of untapped mineral resources had expanded daily and continued to amaze Earth.

The properties lately utilized in chip design had, had fattened the companies coffers.

Albert slipped into his space suit.

The boots afterwards were simple enough to put on as he’d had much experience with dressing for the weather.

He afterward left the room with the others and stepped into an auto transport vehicle with the other passengers before and behind him in the vehicle. It moved on a conveyor through the air lock door and that closed behind it.

Most of the air was taken back into the moon base but a small amount escaped when the vehicle was permitted to exit to the moons surface.

There was a tremor as the vehicle was placed on the lunar soil and another when the engine started up.

The Moonscape was incredible.

“Eerie” and “otherworldly,” were the best words to come to Albert’s mind. Charlene couldn’t find words for it all the months she tried.

They some how had developed a prismatic pure rocket glass that could be used in space and still provide a rather accurate view from the cab and even from their suits when sealed.

The sky was dark and deep and the stars were very bright.

They could sense the silence beyond though the sounds in the cab were real enough.

Some saw spectral images upon the Moons surface.

They were told before the excursion, by the base Doctor, to expect the visions. These often witnessed phenomena were creations of the brain mechanism, responsible for dreams, he explained. These mechanisms interpret the physical changes of life on the moon visually into a dream vision. It was postulated the similarity of the vision was related to the similarity in changes experienced by earth persons.

He said, “these visions... many find them stress relieving.”

The Moon Tractor trundled across the moon surface using the most tried a true route. It was destined for Lunar Base 2, ten miles from the landing pods. That was obviously in case there was an explosion at the space transports designated landing site.

The Landing site was nice and comfortable and Bill for one felt a bit queasy leaving the relative safety of the enclosure to venture the trip. He had heard the place where they were intended rivaled the Bermuda islands for romance mystery and sheer luxury in accommodations.

A. B. and Lenore moaned with joy at first sight of Moon Base 2.

It was a large dome with many lights, mostly pink, some neon white.

It was incredibly magnificent against the round Moon mounds and lunar sky.

Stars on the Moon were a more dependable source of light then on earth.

Much of the Moons surface already had been converted into a solar energy panel and they were working on ways to send the surplus energy, after what was required for the Moon operations, to Earth.

There were in total 8 Lunar Bases in a circle of sorts about the landing base where the tour busses and big mineral transport ships landed or departed.

Much of the operations being mining there soon developed extensive space for facilities below ground. A network of mines and tunnels extended under each base, though a couple of those were already deserted by the mining operations and designated for other purposes.

There were gardens of sorts at all bases for food and oxygen conversion.

One base though had been designated for agriculture and beside growing much of the food used by the base it also developed cultures and such used in many products already upon the Earth, by people, daily.

After finding their accommodations, our Moon tourists grabbed their cameras and notebooks. Then they headed each toward the area of their individual interest.

Albert’s first stop, Charlene beside him, was the Hydroponics and moon soil gardens.

Abe headed toward the computer core.

Agent Rayne made his way to Moon security at Base 2.

There was a large expanse under a dome that was the moon garden orchards. They resembled earth gardens in a way, though their fruit were rather large by earth standards.

‘The moon is already a beautiful place to live…’ thought Lenore seeing this wonder before her eyes, the moon guide book in her hands.

The Earth hung majestically in the starry heavens.

The Gardens were a favorite tourist attraction. More pictures were taken of the plush landscape than of the barren terrain surrounding the bases enclosure.

Like so many others before them Albert and Charlene made their visit.

The entire ships contingent had scattered across the moons bases within an hour and a half after landing, each of the number intent upon a particular mission.


-End of Chapter 9-


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