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Visindle Book 1 Chapter 8
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Chapter 8

The Moon Rocket

This was Jim’s third trip to the Moon and Lunar Base 7. When not on investigation it was part of his job to precede noteworthy personages or to accompany them on their trips.

This time it was a previous flight.

Lenore held Abe’s hand as they went up the passenger tube, from the lift conveyer that carried travelers from the spaceport-boarding lobby to the spaceship passenger entrance.

Alan couldn’t believe it when Albert got the invitation from his Membership in the Toad foundation to do a documentary film of a voyage to the Moon.

Albert prepared a list of minerals and experiments developed technologies from Moon bases since the Moon was populated with humans. His favorite was cosmetic products that were popular on earth.

He planned some footage of the work for the documentary that would focus mainly on the Presidents visit to lunar base 7.

The travel folders made the trip appear safe and certainly interesting.

Albert and Charlene left their child with Charlene’s mother.

The regulator watches they were given would monitor their vital functions for the duration of the trip.

Of course there would be suggestions they could make, such as exercise or food products they might suggest, to help regulate a health positive retinue.

These watches monitors were continuously being developed and were wore on many work projects on earth, as well.

Albert and Charlene were filled with wonder about the upcoming voyage and at having the opportunity.

Albert had seen the video. He had a digital copy on his shirt pocket 80-gig digital media player camcorder.

Besides practically his entire music collection in CD quality sound, he had another documentary film on Moon Mining and a third on Moon biological developments, such as were used in ladies face creams, in the devices memory.

There was still enough memory available there for spontaneous footage that might arise when his hand held extreme quality full screen digital camcorder was not handy.

Jim dressed in a fashionable suit of the times was disguised as a Doctor.

Actually he had a degree of knowledge in psychology and in engineering.

He had grown a dark short beard.

He wore gold colored wrap around eyeglasses and carried a briefcase as he embarked.

He was glad to see A. B. there as they knew each other. Abe knowing Jim’s profession would be forced to play into the ruse and at the same time marvel at the agent’s skill.

It was helpful to Jim to feel appreciated.

At Abe’s ITSA Company A. B. was referred to as the MOMDAD for ITSA machines. That was short for Master of Maintenance, Design and Development.

That was an ITSA Company in-joke that Jim Rayne was privy to, from his long acquaintance with Abe who he had first met during his tour of duty and who he had since recently found necessary to consult for professional reasons.

It was actually from Abe’s company that Jim got his A. I., fondly known as Hector.

Jim thought A. B. the ITSA Mom Dad, was a fine fellow and was relatively secure he was well thought of by Abe.

Next to Charlene, as they ascended, were three apprentice stewardesses. They wore a dark uniform with a multi colored ring resembling the B. Toad crown of creation around a Moon rocket patch on cap and shoulder.

They each had name tags on, as did all the passengers.

Charlene was thinking what a wonder she had in store.

The old movie “Airplane” ran through Albert’s mind for a moment.

For a moment he admired the design of watch he had chosen.

Jim was last in line from the transfer bus.

There were one hundred and forty five passengers. It was probably the largest number of people to blast into earth orbit in U.S. history. Of course the Russians had done better last year in a miner transport vehicle.

Conveyer walkways communicated the passengers to their row of seats where they stepped off to walk down the row to their seat.

As all the seats filled music came over the speakers that were very relaxing.

Each seat was designed to make the passengers feel at home. Each had a phone, stereo headphones and a TV screen. It was over the headphones and through the speakers that the instructions for securing the passengers for the flight were announced between the music selections.

Dinner would be served in Earth orbit.

While she waited for take off, Lenore read the magazine left at her seat that happened to be a popular literary publication.

A poem caught her eye.

My Voyage

In this time,

where in as this were


the colors fell



as it is,

would not this hour

shade embrace

in hue...tomorrow,

take with it self,

her pet tit

memories, of this hour even

the colored reflections of herself

within the ivory did mirrors,

called out then

and without

to brave its tattered form,

return and spatter a negligent race

upon the stone floor

so many beaten pieces.

So she’d say nothing

nothing again, till the night

is again clear and cloudless.

-Dr. Von Ritter 2025 AD

“Abe this is the most nonsensical poem I ever read.”

“Let me see that.

“Yep that’s what it is.

“There is no accounting for taste in literature sometimes Lenore.”

“This is the most respected literary journal of our day Abe.”

“What can I tell you?”

The lift conveyer was padded an on the sides.

They smelled sterile.

This excursion voyage, as we mentioned before, was Jim’s third trip to lunar base seven.

He had been assigned twice to be the personal bodyguard for Russian Premier Kardozov.

This trip he was undercover though.

He was assigned to uncover, while incognito and prevent any conspiracy that might threaten President Carmichael on the Moon, when the President arrived, some days after the excursion flight.

This flight to the Moon was booked a very long time in advance. There had been time for security checks of the passengers.

Space security had a long solid history of achievements in passenger safety.

Lenore and Abe joked about escaping the gravity of their day to day existence.

Albert stumbled a bit as he moved down the row of seats to his own.

Their three-year-old child, Nesbit were left with Charlene’s Aunt Sofia, Lily 7 also was there.

The passenger rocket itself was mounted on booster rockets that would fall away as the ship ascended.

Most of the seventy-five passengers that were actually going on to the Moon were very excited about the trip. They conversed quietly among themselves as the take off time approached.

Jim again saw Abe as he seated himself when Abe looked back and waved to him as Jim was one of the lasts to be seated.

-End of Chapter 8-





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