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by Lightning Steven



For this, Veranda,

I'd stare beyond,

To watch the passing crowds below.

My hands, I'd hold, in fear,

And pray, all day.

Then secure,

I'd turn again,

unto my bed

for sleep.


My, my, Veranda.

My life.

My cheer.

I should love you, as a person,

my Veranda dear.


Swift the wind,

That rustles, the panes,

Rattles, deep, the frames'.

Strong the soul,

behind them here,

As wind and rain,

do blow.

(sing chorus)

My, my, Veranda,

So washed,

in Natures love.

When the sun,

warm with morning,

shines on you, my land.

I see the green, behind my thumb,

With flowers there, for every one.

It breathes, my breath, of life,

so strong.

(sing Chorus)

My, My, Veranda.

How lovely, is the bough,

That hangs there, the Ivey,

that reaches from the wall.

(sing  Chorus).



The One


You were, the one,

that stole, my heart.

You were, the one,

that tore it, all apart.

Now your running 'round,

all over town,

While I sit home,

lonely and bare.

And they don't make bottles,

like they used to any more,

And the wine it, don't taste right'.

No, they don't build bridges,

with the same, old, flare.

And Planes, always seem to fall apart!

You were the one, I know.

The one that ran, the show.

Wasn't it fine,

lessons for the blind?

Yes baby, you stole my heart,

And I can't stop my crying.

No I can't hold back the tears.

For the good book, I was reading,

Didn't help, to still my fears.

And I know, I'm bound, for 'glory',

In the old evermore, up there,

So when I'm gone, it will be, so long,

Cause you, won't find me, any where.



Are you going to the party,

Won't you please take me Along,

come ride the roller-coaster,

at the fair, where you belong.

And I'll be a good guy too.

You can take my hemming, dress.

A crow and cockle too.

You can make a yesterday,

look realer than the truth.

I have taken many seasons.

Many know and many too.

Will you stand there, beside me,

when they call me for the truth?

Then I'll be a good guy too.

There are many, who have wandered,

Taking, to the hills'.

They have wrought, a meager living,

picking berries, for their food.

And you want to walk among them.

Bring the world, unto their door.

As they cry, from pains, about her,

You still hope, to make them well.

I've have seen her, in the shadows,

And the war, within her mind.

And I know, it's the ending, for sure.

Cause it costs, too much, to go on,

And I know, I'd be better living, like they want,

mixing, like I'm people,

but not bent, beneath the horror, of this life.

Yes I'm a living under, the gun,

Taking insult and abuse,

From every one.

Hated for tunes worth.

Not known, till it hurts.

And I don't think, I can ask, for anymore,

Of those things, I never liked before.

Are you going, to the Party.

Won't you please. take me along.

Come ride, the Roller Coaster,

at the fair,

where you belong,

And I'll, be a good guy, too'.




You gave me roses

instead of violets

and violets

too few times.

I gave you love

with my devotions

and you brought me

to the ground.

You gave me roses

and I loved you more

but then I died,

because the flowers in your arms were tainted

and my heart did surely cry.

You gave me flowers

when I wanted pearls

and pearls

at the lousiest

of times.

Those Golden earrings,

looked like monkeys

and your silver

was always

out of style.

You gave me roses

when I wanted violets

and I loved you





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