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Torture Anyone?
The Question is whether we except the Machiavellian principles of government.
Does a government rule by making the subjects fear the arms of the law and order as Machiavellians proclaim or does a ruling authority preserve the general good by being loved by all the people all the time.
America was a system built on rule by popularity. It was defined as reaction to Machiavellian terrors that the state would use to terrorize subjects into obedience, in Europe for so many years
Some one said the greatest problem in life is the abusive parent syndrome.
This as we know is when a parent teaches a child by using pain and torment to enforce what he believes is proper for the child or charge as it were.
If we see those who have transgressed as weak, in their miss-direction, in their resultant position of esteem, then we can feel sorry for them, even empathize. We might recall our own weakness that might have at one time left us more vulnerable to potential harm, tossed about as we all are by life’s eddies.
Machiavellian Vs What?

Do we go on building a world indebted to the committing of little sins, (causing needless suffering and untimely death), in order to prevent what we believe to be bigger sins?
Shall we try to live without sin strong and secure in grace, doing well for life when the strength is with us?
Who can say life is better than death?
That is the big question you get to when you feel like you’re about to die.
They aren't, we are, isn't that what professions are all about.
So there we are with the big question and while we are still alive, we are left, without the answer.
I propose to be living my life with honor and then I’ll let death worry about itself.
I am the King of Soirée.
I hold the world in my hands every day.
They laugh when I tell them,
But they all know it’s true,
Yes, I am the King of Soirée.
-B. Toad

An ocean of realizations, entered from, (the intimacy, of our), sleep, (recalled daily), is experience, living out, (of), dreams.
Like swimming in water.
Exercising the laws of materiality, (heed), is, (being), not lost, too long.
Have regard, for the mindful, lest thy reveries no longer claim thee.
Sleep visions can recall the living. Living may remember the dream.
But: the true often is no more and what was may no longer be.

(Original verse appeared in the ALLHO NEWS XVI
Aug 1999 Page 6) 


Satan's Son Death says to his father, after original sin;
Thine now is all this World, thy vertue hath won
What thy hands builded not, thy Wisdom gain'd
With odds what Warr hath lost, and fully aveng'd
Our foile in Heav'n; here thou shalt Monarch reign,
God notices Satan’s children, Sin and Death, upon the earth, after original sin;
  See with what heat these Dogs of Hell advance
To waste and havoc yonder World, which I
So fair and good created, and had still
Kept in that state, had not the folly of Man
Let in these wastful Furies, who impute
Folly to mee, so doth the Prince of Hell
And his Adherents, that with so much ease
I suffer them to enter and possess
A place so heav'nly, and conniving seem
To gratifie my scornful Enemies,
That laugh, as if transported with some fit
Of Passion, I to them had quitted all,
At random yeilded up to their misrule;
And know not that I call'd and drew them thither
My Hell-hounds, to lick up the draff and filth
Which mans polluting Sin with taint hath shed
On what was pure, till cramm'd and gorg'd, nigh burst
With suckt and glutted offal, at one fling
Of thy victorious Arm, well-pleasing Son,
Both SIN, and DEATH, and yawning GRAVE at last
Through CHAOS hurld, obstruct the mouth of Hell
For ever, and seal up his ravenous Jawes.
Then Heav'n and Earth renewd shall be made pure
To sanctitie that shall receive no staine:
Till then the Curse pronounc't on both precedes.
Adam mourns the first sin;
Ah, why should all mankind
For one mans fault thus guiltless be condemn'd,
If guiltless?

God gave us the freedom of choice. We can always go the right way or else.
Master B Toad