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The way is One,

while the paths are many.

It has been said; The One Path includes all ways. How shall it be then if the Paths are Many and the way is One?

Se lah, se lah!

There were many ways it could have gone.

But it done gone the way it has.

For good’n or for worse’n

As they be say’n.

An’ for a time too.

B-Toad 7/19/2006


Sexual Union

Whenever two are linked this way, there comes another

from the unseen world. It may be through birth,

if nothing prevents conception,

but a third does come, when two unite in love,

or in hate. The intense qualities born

of such a joining appear in the spiritual world.

You will recognize them when you go there.

Your associations bear progeny.

Be careful therefore. Wait and be conscious,

before you go to meet anyone.

Remember there are children to consider!

Children you must live with and tend to,

born of your emotions with another, entities

with a form, and speech, and a place to live.

They are crying to you even now.

You have forgotten us. Come back.’

Be aware of this. A man and a women together

always have spiritual result.


Sexual Urgency, Women’s Laughter and True Virility

Rumi 9/30/1207-12/17/1273 Sufi poet

God gave us the freedom of choice. We can always go the right way or else.
Master B Toad