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Volume VIII April 1998




Tribunal Pronounces Sentence on Law Criminals

April 1, 1998, - A court of, The Law Crimes Commission, in Washington D.C., held before members of the American Political scientist, community, who sat in the jury, as peers, in finale to a long trial where charges of murder, mayhem and plunder were officially convened, against persecutors, sentenced all of the top ten prosecuting attorneys in cases relevant to the investigation, to life imprisonment, without parole and confiscation of all personal wealth, for Law Crime reparations to persecuted citizens.

The court found that three of the convicted would serve concurrent life sentences.

In these cases, those victims, whom the court displeasure represents, were either prosecuted for marketing goods, or services. They were protected, normally, under the free fair trade legislation of the United States, in laws such as the Sherman Act, (notably originally championed by the legislators of Arkansas). Some of the victims were those caught in the backwash, caused by the trade service persecutions.

The Commission, convened to right the iniquity of centuries of injustice, has limited hopes; to make total reparations for the great length of history this evil has prevailed. It will make recommendations to other organs of the people, for future considerations that might be appropriate, for the people of the nation, to that end such as commemorative shrines or statues to those who suffered under the burden of the inhumanity among our ancestors.

The Law Crimes Commission, will champion: all the living victims, (or their first, generation, family, heirs), against any, still living offenders, formerly of the U.S. justice department community, (or their estates), who were persecuted for engaging in liberties protected by Natural Laws, (as designed by John Locke in his First Treatise), and the 29th Article of the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights, (to whose jurisdiction the U.S. people have subscribed. This law limits the use of Legal Coercion, by an organ of justice, within the United Nations countries).

Trials against judges and police officials and officers, who retain a high level of responsibility for the persecution of citizens under illegal legislation, are scheduled in the near future.

Informed persons believe the - punishment of the top offenders in those categories will as likely be as severe as has been meted out to Prosecutors.

The commission assures the public concerned, it will take the part of all those killed, mutilated or punished otherwise by the result or backwash of those persecutions. ALLHO 4/1/98

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