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Visindles Trilogy-Book 1- Chapter 10
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On The Moon

Chapter 10 - Samba Bata

Moon Security was a strange collection of creatures from an international collective police force.

Someone or persons unspecified in most cases found these gentleman and ladies appropriate for assignment on the moon. That was likely based on a great number of qualifications. Many of those selected claim the criteria were dubious to say the least. This of course was attributed to humor and chatter so the questions were never raised officially.

There were many jokes on the moon spread about as one sort of humor or another would predominate much of the background communications in the daily Moon base security office.

One of these was how light security on the Moon was.

Samba Bata a black African agent spoke through grinning teeth as he bounced along side Rayne on a tour of the facility.

“Yes the ladies are fine here, Jimmy!” he offered as commentary, as he pointed out the computer consoles that lined the wall, with their observation screens.

“We have advanced technology here, my friend.”

“Mostly we have learned to control our sense of balance.”

Samba grinned and chortled as he spoke. The apparent joviality appeared to be the result of a lower Moon gravity compared to Earths that effected all the long term crew, moon stationed personnel, in a similar manner.

Jim laughed with Samba.

“Got you already Jim?”

“I guess so.” Jim replied affirmatively though he actually thought the circumstances intrinsically amusing.

“Here Jimmy is the main console. Any of these stations could be operated with the proper codes to access all the security stations and robot sentries on the Moon.”

“Most functions with our Moon Security, such as, for example, identifying persons, Moon Populations, around these stations and where they are on the entire Moon at any time is automatically achieved.”

“Are you with me, Jim?”

Jim held up his right thumb and smiled broadly.


“Judicially perfect software, you understand.”

“We do not violate anyone’s privacy or other human rights here on the Moon, not while I am the head of Moon Security.” Samba grinned broadly showing a massive array of white teeth.

Jim combed his hair with a pocket comb and adjusted his eye glasses.

Samba laughed and struck his thighs in mirth.

Then he proceeded to pat Rayne on his back.

Samba missed Jims back as his arm was caught by Rayne, who tossed him very nonchalant across the room.

Samba found himself turning a somersault in mid air. Samba continued laughing as he spun through the air. He landed upon his feet at the end of the room. He was still striking his thighs with his unending joyous peels of laughter continuing to resound in the room.

Jim pointed to a light on the console.

“What is that.” asked Jim.


“That is an opened section at the Bar on Base III.”

“The automatics will request the blast door close.”

The light went out as Samba spoke.

“There, like I said, Jim. This room is essential to operations on the Moon.”

Samba’s chortle settled into his throat.

On another part of the Moon, Albert approached the Moon Plantations.

As a fair weather farmer himself, he hoped to develop a working professional friendship with the American Indians who operated the plantations.

Albert had a chemistry education and spent winters working as a pharmacist in the city.

The Indian farmers there on the moon spent all their free time seeking spiritual enlightenment, valued solitude and rarely communicated with the other Moon personnel, besides the members of their small Indian community.

They worshipped the sacred Moon Mushroom.

Established for the moons oxygen supply, the orchard besides food and tobacco products also produced a very potent psychedelic product in their moon mushroom fields, used for the Indians religious visions and some mushrooms were sent back to earth for members of their tribes.

The moon mushroom colony had stirred other scientific interests too. The colony and team of scientists were exploring astral projection claimed by the Indian community that took place within trances, technically unaided, and recorded proved communications to the earth members of their tribe in this manner.

Potties, Albert and Charlene’s guide, explained how the scientists had developed a notation system for noting the forces and results from recording the psychic experiments. Their interest was discovering a new means of communication and or teleportation, as some had claimed the power. Recently some instruments for reading forces were added to the astral projections experiments.

Perhaps they missed the desert homes upon the earth from where they lived before they had come to the moon. That may have been the force that drew their spirits home, when in a trance. Speculation was abounding upon that but results spoke for themselves.

The leader of the experiments Petruccio Wind-Fire claimed he would derive the formulas for Trans-space travel from this research.

This night might prove monumental in that history if things worked out.

Today a member of the team was going to totally project himself to Earth from the Moon.

This would be the fourth time. This time he hoped to direct his transmission so he appeared where he wished.

One time he appeared briefly in Colorado, once in Oregon and once at Niagara Falls.

This time he was hoping to direct himself to his old home in Mexico.

-End of chapter 10-

Chapters are added as they are transcribed.

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