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Favorite Links


Memories of Auschwitz  LINK

Survivors with a message lest we forget Nazi genocide link


The world tried to move on after the second world war, but one group, having survived the ghettoes and the death camps, was not about to let Nazi foot soldiers walk free. Jonathan Freedland reports on the Jewish avengers who tracked down and executed their tormentors. LINK


Rudolph Rummel
Talks About the Miracle
of Liberty and Peace   LINK


Ben Laden - The Solution LINK

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Current Events Links

Hatred Said to Motivate Tenn. Shooter July 28, 2008

Organization and Reference Sites

Here I'll may put links to organizations that may be of interest or to sites that one may refer to for information and/or entertainment.
Below are two sites recomended by Tripod

World Wide Prayer Network

True Tao Home Page

If you notice any broken links, let me know. Also let me know about your own favorite sites!

It is okay to hate.

When I say hate could be okay to have, I refer to the intense dislike hate not the implied aggressive hate. The wish of harm or to do harm to life is a sin and to sin is a personal weakness.

It is a sin to wish, to create or to allow harm to come to life. We should, while having the strength required, fancy and enact prevention from harm to life and/or benefit for existence.

We must indulge our sinning in the least amount to preserve our power and life itself.

Hate is on occasion a natural emotion but when we allow it to weaken us, when we allow our aggressions to build till we let hate cloud our reason and then wish, allow or bring harm to existence we have done our selves disservice.