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Favorite Prayers and Hymns

Prayers and hymns express our beliefs in an inspirational and exciting way. On this page I'll share some of my favorites.

Here are some Prayers

We Pray.

Dear Lord, we beg You, to Forgive us, of our sins, in this life set before us.

Great Lord, we beseech Thee, Forgive our enemies, of their sins, in the life and conflict before them.

Lord, Of Hosts, we pray, You will Permit the light of reason to lead us.

Good Lord, when we must choose between righteousness or undue suffering, we beg Thee to Allow the way unto the right and good to be ours.

Lord, we ask You also to Look After those we love and they that comfort us. Let Your Continence Shine upon us all.

Good Lord, Light our path with Your Eternal Love.




and Prayer

of Forgiveness.

For all those, who have died or suffered under bigotry, intolerance and unfair, religious or social, repression, through the actions of established governments or the independent actions of otherwise misguided beings, in the past, present or future, of all sentient life, in our universe.

Forgive us all, enemy and compatriot alike, from enduring or causing, needless suffering; of having or creating poverty and dire want; from excepting or inflicting affliction.



Poor Jesus

Poor, poor, Jesus, they hung him, on a cross,

And he saved, our souls from evil,

And from our sin's dear cost.

Poor, poor, Jesus, to heaven, he had rose, to make our way ready, and to help us, with our load.

Jesus, dear Jesus, the Son and the Lord, he lights our way, in heaven, with a mighty, burning, torch.

Poor, poor Jesus, he rose on that day, and reigns ever mighty, with a never ending sway.

Poor, poor Jesus, may your love be known, renown,

All men to be with you, in your purposes, profound.

Who worries about the lamb

Who worries about the lamb, that goes to sleep, Who learns about the soul and life it keeps? What feeds her through her days, Keeps her frolicking in play? Who worries about the lamb, that's fast asleep?

God, he made man, in his way, And he sends the evil sinner, to his grave. For the time he spends, working for his land, Unto another world, he may, have to pass, one day.

Today, I am a shadow, deep, Thinly etched, in times, murky, sea. As the snows do fall, It claims us, one and all, In joyful love and caring sympathy.

We can learn to live, in falling rain, When shepherd bells, do call us, home again. You know, I dare not say, what happens, on that day. Who worries about the lamb, that's fast asleep?

Our father learns, to climb the stairs, each day, That leads him, faithful, to his rectory, Where with ministers aplomb, he'll cater, to the One, Who gave His life, that we, might live, today.

Sleep, gentle soul. Peaceful, good wishes, may you, keep, As, our loving God, rocks you, in the deep. With his gentle sway, We learn to live, through each and every day, Rested in the dreams, we hope to keep.

What are your favorite prayers and hymns? Let me know and perhaps I'll include them on this page with mine. Click below to send me mail:

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It is okay to hate.

When I say hate could be okay to have, I refer to the intense dislike hate not the implied aggressive hate. The wish of harm or to do harm to life is a sin and to sin is a personal weakness.

It is a sin to wish, to create or to allow harm to come to life. We should, while having the strength required, fancy and enact prevention from harm to life and/or benefit for existence.

We must indulge our sinning in the least amount to preserve our power and life itself.

Hate is on occasion a natural emotion but when we allow it to weaken us, when we allow our aggressions to build till we let hate cloud our reason and then wish, allow or bring harm to existence we have done our selves disservice.