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Romans 5:21

 That as sin hath reigned unto death, even so might grace reign through righteousness unto eternal life ...

Welcome to the HATE web site!

Faith and belief comprise a very important part of our lives. A person's beliefs in many ways define who they are -- how they see themselves, what they want out of life, and more.

On this web site I'll occasionally offer a personal account of my own beliefs. Others, (you the reader, hopefully), will describe their beliefs, antagonisms and gripes in profound and clear ways.

People may reject hate as a sin, to distance themselves from the temptations of sin.

We understand this attitude.

We propose a greater understanding of Hate here as a sign of something sinful that we have encountered that we might have the power to right.

We concern ourselves then with committing the least sin assisting life in the correcting process as possible, as we do in our daily lives in general, in creating some benefit for existence by our most regular interventions in every day life’s activity.

We will offer suggestions how we might change things, how we might affect the lives of others, to assist, to bring about the betterment of existence and bring an end to things we hate.
I'll also be sure to provide links when I find them to relevant sites as well as information about other organizations that help strengthen or support our beliefs and solutions.

Thanks for visiting, and be sure to get in touch. Post your gripe. Make your article clear and understandable so it well proclaims your concepts and solutions. Let us know what you think!





A devil, so raised he was, a devil soul to be.

A devil soul raised was he, the devil so set free.

They saw the devil, in the world, how with evil he did lord over all and did conquer all that was.

They knew as a slave and damned they would be if not like a devil so to be.

So the devil soul was he.

The gold it fitted well his palms when his destruction bred.

Fine was the gabardine and other costly thread.

No rags for him, none, no homely brew, for costly was his bread.

The finest haberdashery would smartly top his head.

Some other fellow… left behind to bleed, to die, brought fair, a crying, damsel to his bed.

Was it any wonder then so many now laid dead?

A devil soul, raised was he a devil so to be.

A devil soul raised he was, the devil so set free.

The devils they did conquer all that was and damned, so would he be, if n not a devil, so to be.

The devil soul was he.

With Gallup and chase he would hunt them all,

Havoc so to spread.

He would laugh and grin when he would do them good.

He cared not truly for their grace or care.

He cared not for their need.

He cared not if they grew sore as he stomped upon their head.

He desired only wealth and means, no other cares he fed.


A devil soul, raised was he, a devil so to be.

A devil soul raised he was, the devil so set free.

The devils, yes, they conquered all and they were taking all that was.

So they knew damned would they be if not a devil, so to be.

The devil soul was he.

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It is okay to hate.

When I say hate could be okay to have, I refer to the intense dislike hate not the implied aggressive hate. The wish of harm or to do harm to life is a sin and to sin is a personal weakness.

It is a sin to wish, to create or to allow harm to come to life. We should, while having the strength required, fancy and enact prevention from harm to life and/or benefit for existence.

We must indulge our sinning in the least amount to preserve our power and life itself.

Hate is on occasion a natural emotion but when we allow it to weaken us, when we allow our aggressions to build till we let hate cloud our reason and then wish, allow or bring harm to existence we have done our selves disservice.