Steve Katus


Where is Steve Katus?

Who was Steven Sat Guru?

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During the mid 1970's Uncle Sy was also known as Steven Sat Guru. He wrote then for KEN the Brooklyn College newspaper as Steve Katus but during that time editors misaligned his work with typos and printing things he wrote on broken typewriters before he edited it under his name so he has often reverted to other pen names. Sometimes he uses his real names.

In high school he belonged to a fraternity and at one fraternity party he asked a girl he adored, called Barbara to give him a nick name beside Sy.

Young fellows occasionally reach out that way for an identity that they can call their own.

She suggested Steve and it was Steve even for his close family till only a few years ago when he went reverted to his given name and went by the abbreviated moniker of Sy.

It works for the name he was given at birth, Simon, and for the name he was given when he entered the USA, Seymour.

The first time he used Sy on his ME word processor the computer corrected his spelling to Cy.

Cybernetics was destined to claim his publications.

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He was forced to move from NY in 1982.

In any case he wasn't running away.

This site is dedicated to any one who knew Sy Katus as Steve Katus and couldn't find him on the internet before this.

During the early years of his journey from Brooklyn Sy Katus finished much of the work he started in Brooklyn such as the B. Toads Holy Books.

Master B Toad has grown older.

His stability of mind is greatly improved in that he is less often driven to hatred of others by the sad and painful life he has endured.

He believes now, there is nothing in the Universe that isn’t a reflection of everything else in the universe. He doesn’t blame people, understanding what Plato taught that every one does what they think is the right thing to do by what they know if they have a choice.

Having a more enlightened view of existence, having completed this quest for a greater understanding of life, he trusts now, his physical afflictions are for him the more predominant ones.